Gifts to OHM can be made online via the Donate button or by text. Text any number amount in message field to 84321. Click the link sent to you, choose Open Heaven Ministries, complete first time set up with a credit card or bank info, confirm, and you are done.  Your love offerings allows us to equip many  individuals and churches.  We also help support our ministry friends in Israel, Brazil, Africa, India, and the Philippines. We appreciate your support!

Open Heaven Ministries was founded in 2004 by Harold and Donna Oberschlake.  OHM is a community of believers called to serve the church.  We consist of Christians from all walks of life; our core members are widely ranging in age and are from many different churches, yet are a closely knit group ministering under the guidelines of OHM.

Through regular worship gatherings and a variety of training courses, we are a resource available to the church for equipping believers to walk in freedom and function in God-given spiritual authority, and to experience the life-changing power of His presence.

Checks can be made payable to OHM and sent to

Open Heaven Ministries, PO Box 164, Ripley, Ohio 45167

Harold and Donna Oberschlake have served various roles in church leadership for over forty years.  God has sent them all over the world, and they have seen signs, wonders, and miracles.  Their focus for the last twenty years has been to develop a purposeful recognition so that believers carry the presence of the Lord, and to help others grow in this awareness.  God's presence is central in theory to every believer, but it is critical for us to apply action to our belief. The revelation of this truth can create a shift in how we think, how we interact with others, and can dramatically impact our circle of influence. 


To that end, Harold and Donna have been intent on cultivating an awareness of His presence in everyday life. God has given them a passionate prayer team to help them regularly host worship gatherings with this primary goal. 


The Oberschlakes also focus on equipping individuals and prayer teams for one-on-one prayer ministry.  In their early years of ministry, God raised Harold and Donna to establish, equip, and lead an altar ministry team for their local church of about 1200 people, preparing Harold for the training courses he would later develop. 


During that time, they were also trained in a pastoral method of powerful inner healing and deliverance by renowned author on the subject, Pablo Bottari.  This prayer model eliminates all the drama from the deliverance process, protecting the dignity of the person receiving prayer. In their local church setting, they we able to observe real and lasting results from this method over an extended period of time.

Harold now works with churches and ministries to develop prayer teams, and in addition to OHM's monthly "Presence Gatherings," he regularly holds classes on inner healing and deliverance.  Out of these various events, strong relationships have been formed, and an OHM team of committed, accountable, mature Christians has been established to minister at their meetings.