Open Heaven Ministries


Open Heaven Ministries offers classes that utilize their twenty-two years of experience in the oversight of ministry teams in large church settings.  One of the many roles of the church is to be a safe place for people to receive prayer, and it is important for any church to establish a Biblical standard of this responsibility.  We offer training for churches or groups who want to enhance their ability to pray for others, i.e. training specifically for altar ministry practices, and training specifically for leaders on forming an altar ministry team.  These are not regularly scheduled meetings. Please click the contact link below to invite Harold to speak on these topics.



Altar Prayer Training

For altar team members


Having a trained prayer team creates a safe environment for individuals to receive prayer in a corporate setting at the altar.  Consisting of mature Christians who have submitted to a continual process of teaching and accountability, this team would be chosen by the church leadership and would be instructed to pray according to the guidelines of the church.

This course helps fulfill Ephesians chapter four, i.e. to equip believers to do the work of the ministry and to establish a structured platform on which they can function. Many believers are well taught, trained, and equipped, yet they are not given an opportunity to use their training in a church setting.  Altar prayer teams  provide that outlet and enable church leaders to see their people performing the work of the ministry under their supervision.

Besides a powerful conduit to the work of God in a church setting, proper training and service on a prayer team instills individuals with an ever-growing confidence and boldness to pray with others outside the church.  We have consistently seen people emboldened from this teaching with a renewed passion to pray with family, friends, and co-workers, thus seizing any opportunity to bring others’ needs to the Lord.



Establishing an Altar Prayer Team

For church leaders


This information gives church leadership practical tools on how to establish a team that prays with people who have responded to an altar call. The material can be adapted to the guidelines of the participating church.  Example topics in this class for forming a team include developing an application for those interested in serving, forming proper guidelines and policies, and understanding the qualifications and level of commitment that should be expected from team members.



Praying With Confidence Training

General course for a church or ministry group


This practical teaching equips believers to pray confidently for others in everyday life. It's a safe, fun, and engaging class that delves into the powerful dynamics of prayer and seeks to eliminate the intimidation often found in praying for other people.  We have seen this teaching strengthen the spiritual life of congregations by improving ministry skills that empower believers to minister more effectively God’s grace inside and outside the church.