Open Heaven Ministries

Inner Healing/Deliverance Prayer Training

We know the subject of deliverance in the church is controversial, and rightly so; there has been much abuse in this area.  After twenty-one years of being involved in this ministry, we are confident that God has given us a powerful, drama-free prayer model that effectively removes the strongholds in believers' lives, while guarding their dignity in the process.  

These classes deal with recurring problems over which people just can’t seem to attain victory.  Examples of such problems could be persistent fear, hatred, or unforgiveness, and can be a result of sin or traumatic experiences like abuse, accidents, or painful relationships involving unfaithfulness, betrayal, rejection or abandonment. 


Conducted with a pastoral approach, these in-depth four hour classes are based in the Biblical principles of confession, repentance, renunciation, and forgiveness. If followed closely, the prayer model we teach has been consistently proven to work in a short period of time, often when other attempts toward gaining the victory have been ineffective.
What you can expect from our deliverance training:

  • Effective, structured teaching that sets people free from oppression.

  • A renewed opportunity to walk in spiritual growth without hindrances.

  • Empowerment to help other people find their freedom.      

  • Biblical, easily understood concepts that are low key and drama free.     

  • Loving, respectful, compassionate ministry following the training


These classes are generally on the last Saturday of the month, but please check the calendar for exact dates and locations.


10:30 am - 3:30 pm (prayer time will follow training)


Cost: A love offering will be received.


Bring a lunch for your 45 minute break


If you are a pastor or ministry leader and you are interested in this course being offered to your team members or church, we would love to hear from you!