Open Heaven Ministries


Open Heaven Ministries hosts a monthly gathering at two different locations with the expressed purpose of inviting the Holy Spirit to do whatever He pleases.


As we worship God in one accord, our OHM prayer team will minister to everyone in attendance, without anyone having to leave their seat. We keep every other row open for our team to quietly move around the room and pray for each individual with a gentle touch.  The front row is reserved for those who need physical healing, and we resolutely believe that these needs will be met!  We say "resolutely" because we have made a firm decision that the Word of God is true, and we refuse to accept anything less than to see that truth manifest in His people.      


We have seen miracles in body, soul, and spirit, and fully believe these signs and wonders will increase as we continue to seek the Lord and offer Him a time to just do whatever He wants to do.  Join us for an evening of refreshing, healing and renewal; a time of allowing the Holy Spirit to shower you with love and His abundant blessings!


"Hosting His Presence" Gatherings are held multiple times each month at different locations across the tri-state.

Please see our calendar for dates, times and locations.