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In Person Classes

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In Person Classes

Healing School 101

This one-day school will help train you in ministry basics of how to pray healing for the sick with an effective practical approach that can be used in everyday life.

Prophetic School 101

This one-day school will help you grow in the basics of prophetic ministry and provide a safe place to practice.

Deliverance School 101

This seminar will help you understand how the enemy is able to get a foothold in people's lives. After you understand how this happens, you will become equipped to remove these influences that hold us back from walking in the freedom that Christ purchased for us. This seminar includes live demonstrations, impartation, deliverance prayer model card and deliverance reference manual.

Freedom School 101

Jesus came to save us, heal us, and deliver us. This one-day school will teach us different ways the enemy has people bound, and how we can break free to walk in real freedom! We use a simple, yet powerful prayer model that protects the dignity of the individual receiving prayer. 

Ministry Team Training for Churches

This class  utilizes twenty-seven years of experience in starting and overseeing prayer teams in church settings.  

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