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Our Mission and Vision

Open Heaven Ministries is an equipping ministry. We are passionate about equipping churches and individuals through practical training and discipleship while providing a platform for them to learn and grow.

Open Heaven Ministries vision is to see the body of Christ walk in real freedom, power and authority, and boldly step into their destiny.


Live a Life of Freedom

Harold & Donna Oberschlake

Founders and Overseers of
Open Heaven Ministries

Harold and Donna have served in various roles of church leadership for over forty-eight years. God has sent them all over the world, and they have  seen signs, wonders, and miracles.  


For many years, Harold has been helping believers grow in the awareness of their God-given spiritual authority and to develop a purposeful recognition that believers carry the presence of the Lord. Building relationships with pastors and church leaders in the Cincinnati area has given Harold the unique opportunity to see unity in operation as believers from multiple churches come together to be equipped and activated in various aspects of Christian life.

Our Team

OHM is a community of believers called to serve the church. We consist of Christians from all walks of life. Our core members widely range in age and are from over twenty different churches and multiple denominations, yet we are a closely knit group ministering in love and unity under the guidelines of OHM.


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